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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Recent Contact from a Mum

It was brought to my attention last week, from a mum in the same position as me, that her daughter had died from exactly the same condition.  Dead in Bed Syndrome has taken this lady's daughter too at roughly the same age.  When she read my blog and how I had found Danielle, she said it was like finding her own daughter, down to all the finer details.

We both discussed how we could get this cause of death talked about more to receive the recognition that it does not get.

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  1. Hi Barbara, I am perhaps one of the lucky ones in that my diabetic son is still alive, but we are living in fear that this 'dead in bed' thing will happen to him too. My son is 19 and has had type 1 diabetes for 6 years. He has not had many, if any, complications due to diabetes but recently he has been having some very unusual episodes where he sleeps for excessive amounts of time, is unable to wake after a reasonable time, but when he does wake, 20, 25 and most recently 30 hours later, he feels sick, dazed and confused. A few days after his marathon 30 hour sleep he collapsed at work (he works as a cook), his boss phoned me and when I got there he was unresponsive. I took him straight to the hospital where he was found to have a bsl of 1.3. I am at my wits end and scared stiff I am going to lose him. There has been a story in the news this past weekend of a 17 year old girl dying in this manner and it was like a light bulb moment to me - this is what is happening with my son but for some reason, for now, he is managing to wake up eventually.....but for how much longer.


I would urge anybody to get in touch me with if their child has been taken from them in this horrific way. I am starting a campaign to raise awareness.